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How to play World Toto
  • Select the number of columns you wish to play with (1-3) by simply clicking on the '+' or '-' buttons attached to the 'columns' meter. The minimum amount of columns to play with is 1.
  • Choose the amount you wish to bet by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘–‘buttons attached to the ‘BET’ meter. The higher the stake, the higher the win!
  • Select an outcome for all 15 games in all selected columns by clicking the respective checkbox for the desired outcome: 1 for Home team, X for Draw and 2 for Away team.
  • Alternatively you may randomly select the outcomes by clicking on the ‘Auto Pick‘ button.
  • You can shuffle the teams to create new games by clicking the ‘Shuffle’ button.
  • Click on the ‘Play’ button (or space bar) in order to start the draw.
  • 15 random results will appear from top to bottom in the central part of the screen where the home & away teams show. The results of all 15 games are simulated and all teams have equal chances to win, tie, or lose.

  • Each game’s outcome will be marked in the respective checkbox in each active column.
  • Winning check boxes will be highlighted and remaining checkboxes will be left as it is. A correct prediction will be marked with a circle on it.
  • If you have acquired a winning number of hits , the payout per number of matches will show in the win text areas under each column. Winnings are paid out on the highest winning multiplier win only.
  • Payouts vary according to the number of hits in each column and can be viewed on the payouts table by clicking the ‘Paytable’ button.
  • Your total win amount will be added to your game balance.

  • Paytable:

    Hits Prize
    0 X40
    1 X1
    2 X1
    7 X2
    8 X4
    9 X5
    10 X10
    11 X50
    12 X100
    13 X500
    14 X1000
    15 X10000

    Buttons and fields

  • PLAY: generates the results and starts the game.
  • BET: Click the ‘–‘button to decrease your bet or the ‘+’ button to increase your bet amount.
  • COLUMNS: Click the ‘–‘ button to decrease the number of columns you want to play with or the ‘+’ button to increase the number of columns you want to play with."
  • AUTO PICK: Click the ‘Auto Pick‘ button to randomly pick the outcomes for each game in all active columns.
  • SHUFFLE: Click the ‘Shuffle’ button in order to clear the board, create new games, and change the teams and their positions.
  • TOTAL BETS: Displays your bet multiplied by the number of columns.
  • TOTAL WINS: Displays the sum of all winning pairs’ prizes.
  • WIN: Your ‘Bet’ multiplied by the payout per number of hits achieved.
  • GAME ID NUMBER: Will appear on the screen at the beginning of the game.
  • PAYTABLE: Opens the paytable screen.
Disconnection while playing

This is a single stage game and the outcome of a play in the game is pre-determined by the Interactive System at the point of purchase. In case of a disconnection in the middle of the game, the Interactive System would complete the game on player’s behalf. Result of the game can be viewed in the Game History. Note that the Game History may show different selections/symbols, but the outcome of the game is the same.
Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Extra features:

  • REAL MONEY: (in fun mode): Switch to real money play.
  • CHAT: Click here to open a window and chat live with our customer support.
  • BALANCE: The current total amount of money available for playing the game.
  • QUICK DEPOSIT: Deposit money to your account balance.
  • BACK TO LOBBY: Quit the game and go back to the Games Lobby.
  • MENU: Access the games list and general settings.
  • ?: Open a window with the game's instructions.
  • SOUND BUTTON: Turn sound on or off.

Bet values and Prizes

This game includes the following options for 'BET':
  • €0.25
  • €0.50
  • €1
  • €2
  • €5
  • €10
  • €20 - This amount is available for the highest VIP levels


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